New Grayscale album "Umbra" Co-written by Curtis!

09/13/2021 - The new Grayscale album "Umbra" was co-written by Curtis! Check out one of their collaborations and the new single and video for "Live Again". Album is streaming everywhere!


"Summer of Love" (Jean Tonique Remix) out now!

4/24/21 - Happy one year anniversary!! Today marks one year since Kids In America released our first single “Summer of Love” and kicked off what has been a great ride with our band. To celebrate, we released a new remix…

PEP SQUAD on CW's Batwoman and UFC!

4/16/21 - You can hear Curtis' side project Pep Squad on TV 2 times this Sunday, April 18! UFC 261 Countdown is premiering our single “Wild Blood” with Sam Tinnesz & “Live For This” will be featured on Batwoman on…