Music Video of Curtis' Cover of "Bye Bye Bye"

2/10/15 - Check out Curtis' music video of "Bye Bye Bye" featuring footage of his fall tour. Thanks to the fans for donating their great shots! You can get the single at iTunes, Spotify, and all digital retailers!


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Curtis Won 2 LA Music Critic Awards!

1/8/14 - Curtis won Best Pop Song for "Afraid" and Best Lyric Video for "Afraid" for the LA Critic Music Awards. 
Curtis was nominated for 4 LA Music Critic Awards including best album, best pop song (Afraid), best video (Afraid)…Read more

Live Performance of "Made For Me (Forever)"

9/9/13 - Check out a special live performance of Curtis' new single "Made For Me (Forever)" from a segment he filmed with his band for "In The Backyard Sessions". 
Watch here: