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Kids In America's EP "life in lofi" is out now!! 

1.27.24 - "My band Kids In America’s EP “life in lofi” is out NOW! Super proud of this collection of songs, of the collaborations, and all the positive musical energy my band mate Paul Hammer put into this. On a personal note, the last 2 songs written for the EP, “life in lofi” and new track “Save Me” were written days before my daughter was born so I look at them as the beginning of the “Mazzy era” for my life and career.
Thank you to everyone who worked with us on this project, special out to John Samuel for the infusion of massive inspiration he brought to so many of these songs, to Ryan Vaughn for fighting hard to make every release get a proper shot at glory, to Bruvvy, Savoir Adore and Cameron Walker for sharing their fantastic voices and vibes, Aaron Bastinelli and Chris Cubetta for helping us with some amazing mixes, Emerson Mancini for mastering these with such precision, Liz Varum, Alex Dar, Maya Holt and Ben Wilson for helping us put together a couple great music videos, our friends at Apple Music, Amazon Music, & Spotify for supporting our music, Alt Nation and Regan for spinning “life in lofi”, and BMG, Lyric House, & Reservoir for fighting to get these songs in as many places as possible.
We love making music for Kids In America and will continue to do so on and on and on and on forever as long as we can…" - Curtis
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