10 Year Anniversary of Curtis' Self Titled Album

8/19/18 - Today marks the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my self titled album…yep, WTF?!  It truly is wild to think about, so much life has happened since then, career ups and downs, unexpected adventures, new paths, some disappointment, and everything in between. Making that record was an incredible time of promise, unknown, and excitement. My hair was HUGE and so were my aspirations… 

As I look back, I just want to thank all the people that were with me then, supported my career and helped me battle to make it as great as it could be. Way too many people to name, but I’ll try a little here. I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity to work with my producer Marshall Altman and Eric Robinson for that album. They believed in me so much (I was the 1st artist ever on Marshall’s label Galt Line Music). Going into the studio at night, writing these songs and working them out with Marshall, in between him making records for Matt Nathanson, Matt Duke, etc. I’m very proud of the songs and the dedication to the project, no matter how exhausting it was for Marshall and Eric, they always were with me to make something great. Craig Hammond for guiding my career during that time, helping me to become a real artist in the industry, with tireless support and honesty, truly my GUY. Nabil Ayers, who ran the other side of my label deal with his The Control Group/Warner Music imprint, was willing to support and follow us to every opportunity to try and make this record go. Jason “Slim” Gambill, Dave Yaden, Keaton Simons, Tyler Hilton, Vic Fuentes, and many others for lending their friendship and talents to the writing and recordings of the album. This also HAS TO BE the only album that features co-writing credits from Ryan Tedder of Onerepublic, Chris Barron from the Spin Doctors and Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil! Jonathan Pardo, to this day you stick by me and support my career, but this is where I got you back in the mix, so I’m happy this brought us together to work. My tour mates, Darla Hawn and Daniel Crawford, holy shit, I can’t thank you enough for the endless adventures you endured on the road with me, I will always cherish those ghetto and simply wonderful times. Thanks to all the great musicians who joined me on stage and learned my little pop songs to jam with me.  Tony Lucca, Ernie Halter, Keaton Simons, Todd Carey, Josh Hoge, Tyler Hilton, Stephen Kellogg, etc, etc. I loved putting our tours together, usually with a ridiculous name you let me talk you into (“Sweep The Leg Tour” anyone?). I never felt alone in fighting the good singer/songwriter fight with you guys to collaborate and tour with. Brian Meiler, Mike Locke and everyone at Rhino/Warner, you guys had my back and made me feel LEGIT for the first time, pitching my music and always taking my calls, no matter what level of priority I was, I always felt like I mattered. 
To my family and friends who kept me afloat and endlessly had my back while I dreamed big, THANK YOU. 
And to all the wonderful fans, I love so much and for the time I’ve been allowed to spend in your CD player, iPod, streaming service. All the shows you came out to and let me play my songs, sang along and helped me realize this career choice wasn’t such a bad idea after all. You are my PEEPS.
Like I said, it hasn’t all gone to plan exactly (and nothing ever does) but no matter where it hurt, where it fell apart, where it didn’t work out the way I hoped…it worked out the way it was supposed to and I’m full of love, life and rock n roll to this day because of it. 

I’m gonna keep this music thing going as long as possible, which is what I used to say about my afro but that passion holds true...
Give this old album a spin today when ya can, and know that it was made and supported by GOOD PEOPLE helping out their buddy C PEOPLES :) 

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