Lauren Sanderson single "IDC At All" Co-written by Curtis!

6.1.23 - “IDC At All” Lauren Sanderson’s new ROCKIN single that I had the pleasure to write and help get to the finish line is out now! A special, very cool journey for this song, wrote it with Vic Fuentes, Steven Solomon & Lauren, produced & mixed by Dan Whittemore, this song was a blast to be a part of. I had the front row seat to Lauren recording her vocals for this, and when you hear the song, you’ll know why I feel lucky to have been there for ‘em. Thanks to Jonathan Pardo for believing and fighting for this song so hard. Bonus wonderful surprise that Lauren named her upcoming tour the IDC At All Tour! Vic features on lead guitar on the track too, bringing his usual magic of course. Just promise me you’ll play this LOUD. - Curtis

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