New Grayscale Album Co-Written & Produced by Curtis!

9/6/19 - "SO proud and happy that the new Grayscale album is out now in the world! A lot of ups and downs come with this career but once in awhile you get to be a part of something that reminds you that you’re on the right path and to KEEP GOING. The experience of going back in with the band after the fun and success of the 1st album but this time to be able to not only write so much of the album with them but for them to include me in the producing of the album too was a belief and trust I will never take for granted. Thank you to Collin, Nick, Nick, Von, and Dallas for allowing me to write these songs with you guys. To my ride or die Colin creeV for always making me a better writer and being the unstoppable creative force you are. To Machine, you showed me what a real PRO producer does and how to be a great person and great producer at the same time. To their manager Evange for always having my back and Andy Serraeo for going to bat for me to be so involved with this album. This is a band READY to take over the world, who make all the right moves as musicians and more importantly as people. Enjoy this album and please play it LOUD. #nellavita" - Curtis

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