Pierce The Veil's Album "Misadventures" Co-Written by Curtis!

5/13/16 - "Today the new Pierce The Veil record 'Misadventures' has arrived! And I just wanted to write a little something to not only promote my best friend's album, an album I have had the pleasure of helping write and work on for the past 2 and a half years, but also to celebrate what this career is supposed to be about...dreams coming true.  And I'm taking this dream back to childhood in San Diego. Vic and I have been making music together since we were kids and we always dreamed of becoming a big rock band. But as we all know, life takes its turns. After high school, Vic ended up forming a punk band and I went the singer/songwriter route. Even with any ups and downs in my career, the battle to launch you could call it, I feel very lucky and blessed in my adventures and achievements, but the weirder the road has gotten the more fun it's actually been. 

But helping Vic write this album felt the most like that original dream come true, even if the situations and image may have changed a bit along the way from what the original career vision may have been for young CP, it's fantastic and fortunate to get to be creative and make a dent in this crazy industry with my best bud, to make some noise that millions of people get to hear and enjoy and to be able to share the unique ride with. 
I'm proud of Vic because this record took everything he had and his powerful and commendable refusal to settle for anything below his best is inspiring. 
It's been a thrill to have co-written some of songs that helped the band on their rise, from their Gold-certified song "King For A Day", to last summer's first single from the new album "The Divine Zero" that Vic and I wrote with one of our favorite musicians Brad Hargreaves, to the debut of their newest single "Circles" (that we wrote with our friend Steven Solomon) on BBC Radio One a few weeks back, to this release today, it's all been wonderfulness on top of more wonderful. And we are just getting started... 

So with that said, check this record out cause it ROCKS THE FUCK OUT and especially bump "The Divine Zero", "Circles", and "Today I Saw The Whole World" because I co-wrote them and I couldn't get out of this op-Ed piece without a little self promo :) 

Misadventures album Link: 

All the guys in PTV are great dudes and I'm so happy for the success they've had and what's to come. 
Love you all and thank you for your endless friendship and support. 
Curty P"

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