Curtis' New Band KIDS IN AMERICA featured in Esquire!

7/9/2020 - "FREAKIN Esquire! And with that, I want to introduce my new band Kids In America 
I started this band with my friend Paul Hammer and it has been an amazing ride creating and putting this together with him. We are so elated at the reaction for this song and band, in crazy times it has brought a lot of joy and excitement for us. So many things I never expected have been happening with this band and I am very grateful. Keeping it in the family too, my manager, and one of my best friends, Jonathan Pardo, is releasing the music through his imprint Rix Records. Another great layer in our journey together. And to have someone I truly respect and admire, Dave Holmes, include us in such a timely and interesting piece is icing on the cake. Thanks to everyone who has supported the band so far, Allison Hagendorf especially. Loved your quotes in the article! That was a wonderful surprise. 
Check out the band and get ready for lots more music and good vibes to come!" - Curtis